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Due to the Certificate of Entitlement (COE), among other factors such as upkeep and maintenance, we all know that the cost of owning a private car in Singapore can be prohibitively sky-high. For some, owning one just does not seem like a practical approach to make – not unless it becomes a firm necessity.

However, we do have our transportation needs sporadically. Running from one end to another? Or battling against time to make it for your next power meeting? It is indisputable that a private vehicle comes in real handy during these moments. Well, working in tandem with a reliable long term rental company in Singapore can do the trick!

AKA Car Rental | Benefits of Long Term Rental in Singapore

Before you dive right into browsing our catalogue, you might want to understand some of the greatest benefits of a long term car rental with AKA Car Rental in Singapore.

No deposits required

Yes, you read that right! Unlike other car rental companies that require you to make a security deposit for long term leasing in Singapore, that is not quite the instance right here. On the contrary, we understand that upfront payments can be unbearably expensive. Hence, we scrapped the necessity of a security deposit.

We welcome P-plate drivers and customers below 21 years old

Whether you are a veteran driver, a P-plate driver, or a young driver looking out for a private car for long term rental in Singapore, you have come to the right platform. At AKA Car Rental, we have dependable and affordable vehicle selections, catered for new and young drivers, so that you can start hitting the road with ease.

We provide proper insurance coverage for all customers

Of course, we also got the most crucial aspect covered – insurance. Leave these concerns to us at absolutely no additional costs. Want to learn more about what our insurance coverage encompasses? Reach out to us!