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Showing 1–30 of 51 results

Our Featured P-Plate Cars for Rent 

If you are looking for daily, weekly or long-term car rentals in Singapore, AKA Car Rental is the perfect choice for you. We offer affordable car rental rates to P-plate drivers in Singapore who are at least 18 years old. Our employees also cater to last-minute and immediate car rental requests.

Dependable and Affordable: Honda for Rent

AKA’s Honda car rental options are durable, cost-effective, and reliable, which is especially beneficial for drivers looking to rent a car with a P-plate in Singapore. Plus, the Honda vehicles in our list of car rentals offer customers style, sophistication and comfort on the road. With their large interiors, well-maintained air-conditioning units, automatic transmission and extraordinary fuel efficiency, our range of Honda cars for rent will be perfect for individuals and families.

Perfection and Performance: Mazda Car for Rent

Our spacious Mazda rental cars are able to accommodate up to five passengers and are perfect for long drives. With vehicle history and mileage protection, our Mazda cars ensure reliability and performance at an affordable price. P-plate drivers will find AKA’s list of Mazda cars worth the experience and money.

Classy and Convenient: Toyota Rental

Our durable and robust Toyota rental cars are sturdy and suitable for comfortable family drives. We charge cost-effective rates for our cars, which are well-equipped with innovative technologies. You can also save money on gas due to Toyota’s great fuel efficiency. In addition, the safety features of the car will assure maximum protection for the driver and passengers, making it one of the best vehicles to rent with a P- plate in Singapore.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

Learn why many P-plate drivers in Singapore choose us for their car rental needs.

“My personal choice for car rental. Easy going and very honest company. Bravo to Brandon who has been fast in responding and very prompt and accurate with his information. Not pushy at all, and any problems are solved quickly. 100% recommend.”

- Wei Xiang Wong

“Have been renting from AKA car rental since 2016 and Ryan & Brandon's assistance is awesome - prompt in reply, helpful and approachable! The cars I have rented are always clean and I will be informed if there is anything to take note of the car before driving off Highly recommended!”

- Sophia Soo

“Rent car from AKA car rental, all the way was being serve by Ryan.. customer service is good.. willing to ans to all queries and so on.. Highly recommend..”

- Andry Shah

Why Rent a P-Plate Car from AKA Car Rental

Renting a P-plate vehicle from AKA Car Rental offers unparalleled advantages for new drivers in Singapore. With no contract and no deposit car rental options, our flexible services cater to new and experienced drivers seeking short-term or longer commitments. Moreover, our cars come with full insurance coverage. You can even choose the most reliable models from renowned brands.

Besides, all of our cars are well-maintained, and our rental prices are tailored to suit the different budget requirements of our customers, including P-plate drivers. This sets us apart from other car rental companies in Singapore. With our fleet of cars and reliable rental services, we will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

To rent a Honda, Mazda or Toyota from our list of rental options, contact us now!

Pick-up and Drop-Off

While our office is located at Commonwealth, you can find our pick-up and drop-off points on both the west and east sides of Singapore. Contact our team and ask about the most convenient pick-up and drop-off location for your P-plate rental car.

Frequently Asked Questions About P-Plate Car Rental

Do you offer P-plate car rental with no hidden fees or extra charges?

Yes, especially since we pride ourselves on transparency. Our P-plate car rental services have no hidden fees or unexpected extra charges. This way, you can budget effectively and enjoy your rental experience without surprises.

What makes your selection of P-plate rental cars stand out?

Our selection of P-plate rental cars stands out due to our commitment to quality and variety. We offer the most popular models from top brands, ensuring that all vehicles are stylish, well-maintained and equipped with safety features. This makes our fleet not just reliable but also tailored to enhance your driving experience in Singapore.

Is there a minimum rental period for P-plate car rental at AKA Car Rental?

Yes, there is a minimum rental period for our P-plate car rental services. During weekdays, a minimum of two days is required. For reservations covering the weekends, customers must rent the vehicle from Friday, extending the minimum duration to three days.

What safety measures do you implement for P-plate car rentals?

Safety is our top priority, especially for P-plate drivers. Each car undergoes rigorous safety checks and regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and safety on the road. Additionally, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance to keep you secure and supported during your rental.

Do you offer flexible rental durations for P-plate cars?

Yes, we offer flexible rental durations for P-plate cars to meet diverse driving needs and schedules. Whether you need a car for a short trip or an extended period, we can accommodate your specific requirements with a range of customisable options.