Good Rental Experience @ AKA Car Rental
Posted on 27-Oct-2014
Overall Rating:
Rented Honda Jazz (Black) and Mitsubishi Colt Plus from AKA Car Rental. The cars that I rented are fuel efficient, smooth-driving, and have clean interior and exterior. Although the exteriors have some scratches, in my honest opinion, it is inevitable for rental cars to have some minor scratches. I can tell that the cars are regularly maintained and serviced well. There is also car insurance and motorcar road tax. Moreover, the location of the office is situated just opposite Haw Par Villa MRT, and this makes collecting the car convenient and easily accessible. If I need a car again, I would be glad to rent a car from AKA Car Rental. 🙂
Decent Car Rental
Posted on 05-Jun-2014
Overall Rating:
They were very accommodating to my first request and delivered the car to my apartment on last minute basis. They were quite detailed and clear on the payment process and contractual agreement for the rental.

I'd rented from them thrice so far and all with good service rendered. The cars were well maintained and clean (I can really see their hard effort).
First Time: Hyundai Matrix (delivery charge SGD30)
Second and Third: Honda Jazz (Red) (Self collection)

(You can visit their website for other models

I live in Sengkang and they are located near Haw Par Villa MRT station so getting their was pretty convenient for me.

They were understanding with my preference to drive hatchbacks only. The last time I reserved Honda Jazz, it met with an accident and the bumper was damaged. They informed me almost immediately and got the problem fixed (and they sent me a photo of the damaged bumper before that). I was impressed with their honesty and being upfront.

Although their charges might seemed to be slightly higher than many advertised car-for-rent ads, but personally, I think it is more important to sign up with a trustworthy company. After all, you do not want to be involved in a conflict with anybody regarding a piece of expensive motorcar.
Clean cars & smooth drive
Posted on 11-Mar-2014
Overall Rating:
I booked a car from them, but on the day itself it involved in an accident. So they told me they will try to find another car for me. But fortunately they managed to find it about 1hr before the collection time, so i was still able to go down to collect the car. Just that the car i want is not available, a bit disappointing.

The car they gave was clean and smooth driving. I heard they will clean their cars whenever the customer return the car. They even clean the rims of the car unlike some other company that don't even clean their car lo!

The service was good. Was told to read the contract and after i read, they will explain again to me. By default, i was renting 1 day but was asked to extend another 2day so i think ok lo since they told me i am the only person that return the car on that day.

Good service, clean cars, smooth drive.
Not all company is able to provide this kind of service.
Just a bit disappointing that i don't get the car i drive, can't blame them because it's not their fault also.
the best car rental ever
Posted on 14-Oct-2013
Overall Rating:
rented from them a few times good services, car are clean and well maintance
not like other car rental dont even bother to clean their car .and have lot of scratches and even roaches inside the car ..

very happy with their service provided
Posted on 01-Oct-2013
Overall Rating:
Very happy with what they provide me. Clean car and very good customer service. Highly recommend and will want to try other cars from them again! Cheers!