Weekend Car Rental

Weekend Car Rental in Singapore

Dubbed as the most accessible city in Asia, there are no doubts that getting around the Lion City is as easy as pie. However, there are times where we just want to steer off public transport. Whether you are looking to take a drive down the town with your little ones, a short getaway across the border, or to run exhausting errands over the weekend, it is undeniable that having a private transport makes things a whole lot more effortless. If you do not own a car, fret not. AKA Car Rental in Singapore is here to grease the wheels!

Why Rent Your Weekend Vehicle with AKA Car Rental in Singapore?

We Put Our Customers at the Forefront

Our mission is to put our customers’ needs ahead of anything else. We believe that exhibiting impeccable services is an integral part of cultivating a healthy relationship with our customers. Be it renting a weekend car or a long term car, you get our full commitment to service excellence. At AKA Car Rental, you can feel free to share your needs, wants and concerns with our professional team – let us go above and beyond to make your renting experience an unparalleled one.

Cheap Weekend Car Rental in Singapore | Get the Most Competitive Rates

We understand that your budget is a critical aspect of the decision-making process, and we take that into account. Right here, you will be able to choose from an extensive range of cheap and low-cost alternatives for your casual weekend drive. Our team at AKA Car Rental believes that you absolutely do not have to break the bank to rent a car. That being said, affordability is always at the core of our business. Click here to browse through our rental rates.

If you need assistance in selecting your vehicle, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!