Awesome Service
Posted on 15-May-2018
Overall Rating:
Perfect rental place for probation drivers. After passing my TP test, I did some research on rental companies before renting my first car. I saw quite a few rental companies - some are quite cheap but don't rent out to P-plate drivers; Some rent to P-plates but requires deposit and/or income proofs or additional surcharge; Some are very far from city. And I found AKA, they charge a bit more but reviews say they welcome P-plates, and located near Commonweath station. I'm happy that I made the right choice. Yes, they indeed attend every customer professionally. Check-in/out was smooth and staffs were friendly and explained everything I should know. Cars are clean and well maintained. Definitely coming back again. Keep up the good service! (Just be careful when you're going up/down the spiral ramp of the carpark. Mini-heart attack for the newbies haha!)
Perfect Car Rental Svc!
Posted on 07-May-2018
Overall Rating:
Rented a honda vezel at tip top condition and good customer service! Fuss free during collection of car. AKA Car Rental even put a umbrella for us incase it rain. Best customer service! Definitely renting from them again
They accept P-plates and no deposit require!
Posted on 30-Sep-2017
Overall Rating:
Have been renting from them ever since me and my friend was a P plate. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks Rachel for always making extra mile to help me get my bookings! The whole period of renting was always hassle free. Cars are well maintained and clean all the time. Collection of car is super quick as they always preprepared our contract terms upon collection. I highly recommend new driver or p plates to rent from them!
Car Rental that accepts P-Plate. Fast and easy!
Posted on 07-Sep-2017
Overall Rating:
Reserved a car from AKA Car Rental and it was fuss free! Contacted the sales team and was asked to transfer a partial payment to reserve the car and the car will be book! Upon collection the staff there will go through the contract and highlight all the important points (which not many rental companies do), paper work process was fast. Rented a Honda Jazz for the weekend package and it was smooth. Returning of car was easy and fuss free. Car is clean, service is good! Will recommend AKA Car Rental to my friends who need a car!
Aka car rental review
Posted on 21-Feb-2016
Overall Rating:
Rented a Mazda 3 for 6 months, the car was very well maintain. AKA after sales service is excellent. The car battery went flat on a Sunday afternoon, after calling them, the battery was replace within 2 hours. Overall it was a awesome experience working with AKA. Thank you !!
Aka car rental review
Posted on 18-Dec-2015
Overall Rating:
I rent alot of cars from this company and this the best car rental i ever met. The cars are very sporty, well maintained and is super clean. Whenever i find the car has something faulty, they will solve the problem ASAP after being told. Their staff is super friendly and kind and doesn't give attitude when i want a change of car.
A Returning Customer
Posted on 11-Jul-2015
Overall Rating:
Had already set my eyes on AKA whenever i wanted to rent a car for personal use. This time, i rented the White Mazda 3 with legal exhaust and it was a pretty good experience for me. On the day of rental, there was quite a lot of people and the office was full but there was this staff in brown shirt who was helping of the printing of IC and Driving License who helped saved my time. While the other lady staff was explaining to 2 customers at the same time, the staff in brown shirt helped shorten my waiting time in less then 3 minutes and i was ready to head down to collect the car! (Until now, i still don't know a single one of their names..) Nevertheless, Thank you for your quick service. Including the ones who helped me with the seats and audio as i was a little bit confused on a car which i hasn't yet driven before. Sports rims, low side skirts, a really small rear spoiler which i didn't even noticed it until the last day of rental and a really nice exhaust. More then a half of flooring the accelerator and be prepared to hear the exhaust coming to life. (Probably the one and only thing i love about this car)! Fuel consumption of the car was great if i could control my right foot. Otherwise, it could easily be the opposite. Not sure if it was the suspension or something else but after going up and down a hump, there is a little bit of squeaking noise coming out from the back of the car. Upon returning of the car, i was charged an extra $10 as I've it returned dirty. I had also gave the car a few washes the day before but probably it rained on Friday morning and somehow it made it dirty again. Not a big issue as it was part of my negligence here. Nevertheless, AKA was still the best. I will always come and patron whenever i need a car for my personal usage. Thumbs up for Javis again this time although the reply from whatsapp was usually slow but I've learned to use normal message instead to get a quicker reply. 😀
BEST Rental Company
Posted on 07-Mar-2015
Overall Rating:
It was my first time renting a car therefore was a little bit confused about the things required and stuffs. Contacted one of their staff Javis and he was really helpful enough to provide me with all the details that I've requested. Was planning to rent the Avante but it had to be sent for servicing on that fateful day. Rented the Red Toyota Altis from Monday to Friday, which I've returned yesterday. It was a joy ride for sure and after 2 days, one of the headlights didn't light up & one of the side mirrors was also giving me problems. Called them up, and they suggested me to visit their workshop so i went there, met their mechanic and he was explaining to me on the problem and how to solve it. It was really quick and it took less then 5 minutes. Thumbs up for both of the mech as they do things really quick and efficient! He gave me a complimentary ticket so i can exit without paying the gantry fees. The repair fees for the vehicle was also fully covered up by AKA! The FC for the altis was still pretty decent. and overall all of the staffs I've met were amazing. I am definitely going to rent again real soon!
Awesome Car Rental
Posted on 12-Feb-2015
Overall Rating:
Rented a Mitsubishi Lancer Glx (Sliver) from AKA Car Rental. I rented the Lancer Glx (Sliver), smooth and does not consume much fuel. Their car interior is very clean and the exterior have minor scratches but we can't expect to get a perfect car. When i was there collecting the car, i saw them cleaning the car. Not all company will do that. Car is great and well maintained. Location is very convenient as it is just opposite of Har Par Villa MRT. Overall, Thanks for the good service for explaining everything in the contract and awesome car ! Definitely will rent from AKA Car Rental again!
Awesome experience
Posted on 06-Jan-2015
Overall Rating:
P plate here. Reading nightmare stories online actually made me paranoid from renting cars. However, im glad that i stumbled upon AKA car rental. So far i have rented twice from them, Mazda 3 and Vios. Both cars were definitely in good condition. Minor scratches here and there but you cant expect to have a perfect car from a rental company. Staff are always there to help out and answer questions. For P platers and others, if you ever want to rent a car without worrying too much, AKA Car Rental is the place you have to go to.
Pretty good
Posted on 17-Dec-2014
Overall Rating:
Rented a Mazda 3 over the weekend. The office was easy to find, with bus no. 175, 176 and Haw Par Villa CCL MRT station situated right outside. So traveling there wasn't that hard. Customer service is good. Price was reasonable since they also do rent to P-Platers and those who are under 21 years old. The Mazda I rented has proper roadtax and registration for rental cars and I'm pretty sure that the rest of their cars do too. I had encountered some other rental companies (which I do not want to name) with their cars being registered as private cars which is clearly illegal or expired roadtax and badly maintained, so don't worry when you rent from AKA Car Rental LLP. The car only had some scratches/tiny white paint marks (inevitable for a rental car and I don't mind) and HID on the right side doesn't seem to light up when I collected the car. However, the drive is much more important to me and I'm glad it didn't disappoint. Though, my friend and I did noticed a "knocking" noise emitting from the back when driving though occasional rough bumps on the road, not a biggie. Gave the 3 a quick wipe inside and out and also, a full tank just before I returned the car back to them. Returning was pretty much fuss-free. Would I rent from them again? Yes! Thinking of renting a car? So why not give it a try by renting from them?
Good Rental Experience @ AKA Car Rental
Posted on 27-Oct-2014
Overall Rating:
Rented Honda Jazz (Black) and Mitsubishi Colt Plus from AKA Car Rental. The cars that I rented are fuel efficient, smooth-driving, and have clean interior and exterior. Although the exteriors have some scratches, in my honest opinion, it is inevitable for rental cars to have some minor scratches. I can tell that the cars are regularly maintained and serviced well. There is also car insurance and motorcar road tax. Moreover, the location of the office is situated just opposite Haw Par Villa MRT, and this makes collecting the car convenient and easily accessible. If I need a car again, I would be glad to rent a car from AKA Car Rental. 🙂
Decent Car Rental
Posted on 05-Jun-2014
Overall Rating:
They were very accommodating to my first request and delivered the car to my apartment on last minute basis. They were quite detailed and clear on the payment process and contractual agreement for the rental. I'd rented from them thrice so far and all with good service rendered. The cars were well maintained and clean (I can really see their hard effort). First Time: Hyundai Matrix (delivery charge SGD30) Second and Third: Honda Jazz (Red) (Self collection) (You can visit their website for other models I live in Sengkang and they are located near Haw Par Villa MRT station so getting their was pretty convenient for me. They were understanding with my preference to drive hatchbacks only. The last time I reserved Honda Jazz, it met with an accident and the bumper was damaged. They informed me almost immediately and got the problem fixed (and they sent me a photo of the damaged bumper before that). I was impressed with their honesty and being upfront. Although their charges might seemed to be slightly higher than many advertised car-for-rent ads, but personally, I think it is more important to sign up with a trustworthy company. After all, you do not want to be involved in a conflict with anybody regarding a piece of expensive motorcar.
Clean cars & smooth drive
Posted on 11-Mar-2014
Overall Rating:
I booked a car from them, but on the day itself it involved in an accident. So they told me they will try to find another car for me. But fortunately they managed to find it about 1hr before the collection time, so i was still able to go down to collect the car. Just that the car i want is not available, a bit disappointing. The car they gave was clean and smooth driving. I heard they will clean their cars whenever the customer return the car. They even clean the rims of the car unlike some other company that don't even clean their car lo! The service was good. Was told to read the contract and after i read, they will explain again to me. By default, i was renting 1 day but was asked to extend another 2day so i think ok lo since they told me i am the only person that return the car on that day. *Overall* Good service, clean cars, smooth drive. Not all company is able to provide this kind of service. Just a bit disappointing that i don't get the car i drive, can't blame them because it's not their fault also.
the best car rental ever
Posted on 14-Oct-2013
Overall Rating:
rented from them a few times good services, car are clean and well maintance not like other car rental dont even bother to clean their car .and have lot of scratches and even roaches inside the car .. very happy with their service provided HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Posted on 01-Oct-2013
Overall Rating:
Very happy with what they provide me. Clean car and very good customer service. Highly recommend and will want to try other cars from them again! Cheers!