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car rental singapore

There are alot of car rental in singapore but why us? why AKA CAR RENTAL?

  • AKA CAR RENTAL is  just opposite Commonwealth MRT convenient for all customers
  • AKA CAR RENTAL provides car rental service hassle free
  • AKA CAR RENTAL provides Car rental service for p plate drivers WITHOUT DEPOSIT OR HIDDEN COST
  • AKA CAR RENTAL is legal! With a proper insurance coverage for rental motorcar
  • AKA CAR RENTAL maintain our vehicle well for all our customer
  • AKA CAR RENTAL provides our honest and sincere service to every customers
  • AKA CAR RENTAL provides cheap and affordable rental rates

seeing is believing so what are you waiting for? contact us now for a rental vehicle and we ensure you with a pleasant experience with us. We value all our customers

AKA Car Rental Singapore

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