Things you need to do if you meet an accident with your rental vehicle!

Hi guys i believe everyone will be taken aback by this accident post. Maybe you guys might be thinking "hey dont curse me" or stuff like that haha. But i think its important for everyone of us to know the procedure if we meet an accident. Many customers were panic stricken not knowing what to do. Well, AKA Car rental singapore will try our best to provide you information on...Read more


Hoping to try out working as a uber/grabcar driver but doesn't wanna get tied up with 3 months or 6 months contract? AKA CAR RENTAL SINGAPORE is now providing a one month uber/grabcar contract for our customer to try out now. You may wish to contact us at 81880754 for more information. As long as you are 22 years old and above with more than 1 year driving experience you will...Read more

Parliament: Uber, GrabCar drivers to have Private drivers’ vocational licences; undergo background checks

Uber and GrabCar drivers have to take and pass the Private Hire Driver's Vocational Licence (PDVL) course - its a shorter, 10 hours course compared to the taxi driver is going through. The course will cover topics such as road and passenger safety, and regulations for chauffeured services. There is no minimum age but applicants need to have held a Class 3/3A driving experience have to be more than two...Read more

how do i notice if my rental car is overheat and what should i do?

  HOW TO SEE IF THE ENGINE TEMPERATURE IS OVERHEATING? many of you have been wondering how to take note of the vehicle engine temperature, especially for those new drivers. Above picture is an example of the dashboard prompting you that the engine temperature is rising. Some vehicle has no engine temperature gauge so it will only appear the sign at the first photo. If you notice the aircon is...Read more

Things you need to know before renting a car from Singapore car rental company!

1. how do I know if the car rental company is a legal? Every Car in Singapore, there will be a roadtax sticking on to the left side of the car front windscreen. It will usually indicate if the car is for private use or rental usage. Private vehicle will usually indicate PASSENGER(PRIVATE). A proper Singapore car rental vehicle road tax will be MOTORCAR. Above is an example how a...Read more

New stock added to our fleet – TOYOTA VIOS (2nd generation)

AKA car rental singapore is always adding on new vehicle to the car rental fleet. Toyota vios 2nd generation is one of the most petrol saving vehicle in the market. It comes in 3 different version - J, E and G. The model we are having now is the E version of toyota vios. It comes with leather seats and  all round disc brakes. We are now renting it out...Read more

Have you reserve a car over the weekend?

Dear customers, Have you reserve a car with AKA car rental singapore over the weekend? Sporty cars? Stock cars? Petrol efficient car? modified cars? Take a look at our rental rates tab to pick your car for the weekend Cheers Team AKA car rental singapore